Sunday, 6 October 2013

An EPS Calculator for Engro Fertilizers, Engro Corp.

Being stock market participants, we are often concerned with what the EPS of a company is going to be. This question is important as it greatly impacts valuations, though naively. For some companies, it is easy to calculate due to relatively little variables involved. One such company is Engro Fertilizers, which produces a single product and has a single raw material. Still, gas prices, Urea Prices, Gas availability pose as some of the key risk factors for company profitability. In order to gauge their effects, I have created an EPS calculator for Engro Fertilizers. Obviously, this has a full fledged model working behind it, but I have provided the basic inputs/outputs for analysis. So play and rejoice! a fully working EPS calculator for Engro Fertilizers! Default values are set for current quarter's expectation.

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  1. Both the plants are currently running at 85% capacity. The capacity utilization is at 78% since the Old plant started recieving gas only only mid July. If the gas supply is assumed to stay as is for the last quarter, then the capacity utilization figure can be made 85%. IF thats is the case, then the EPS goes to up by more than 1 rupee!


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